OUR Story

Bluelight is primarily a risk management and business advisory company providing the necessary services organizations need to thrive and ensure survivability in today’s volatile global environment. Established in 2013, we specialise in Risk & Compliance, Business Advisory, Insurance Claims & Expertise, and Research & Training. In all these disciplines, Bluelight stands as an ideal partner and our main aim is to enable our customers to operate in an environment that makes achieving their core business objectives more certain. In everything we do at Bluelight, we aim to put our professionalism at the service of your business to ensure you as a client get maximum value.



Our Goal, Vision and Values are rich and guide our relationships with our valued stakeholders – including our clients, our shareholders, and each other.



To be the leading provider of loss adjusting, risk management services and business services in Zambia and the region.



To help clients achieve their business objectives by providing them with reliable risk management and other solutions.



People: We endeavor to build capacity within our teams and individuals.

Relationships: We respect and value all our stakeholders their contribution.

Integrity: We act in private as we do in public, and honor our commitments. Creativity: We create and provide solutions for clients and customers that balance the short and long term.

Excellency: We use our energy, skills and resources to deliver the best and sustainable results for our stakeholders.



Our team is selected for its complimentary and broad range of response skills consisting of insurance management, loss adjusting, risk management, health & safety, security, operations management, credit management and trainings. We are structured to provide a comprehensive suite of risk management and business advisory services, including operations management and risk management services to our clients in all environments. Cultural awareness with a deep understanding of local nuance, and political and economic context are just some of the keys we use to ensure effective and safe regional operations. These capabilities and services are tailored to each client and each requirement as part of a turnkey solution. The Bluelight Risk Services team of experienced professionals have the know-how and capability to effectively identify, evaluate and implement risk management measures covering a wide range of industries and sectors.


Confident African American female CEO standing with crossed arms in front of her business team and looking at camera.